Benefits of living in non furnished apartments

Choosing between furnished and non furnished apartment is very important once you decide to move into a new apartment. The choice becomes more difficult when you have to shift in to an apartment in new city because your will not know the real estate facts of that new city. Some cities have trends that tenants have to move from one apartment to another very often due to increase of rent of the old apartment. This will become very in convenient for people who have to live in a non furnished apartment because they will have to take their entire luggage with them in order to move to another apartment. This will be far away from normal convenience range of people and will be very expensive at the same time.

Spokane is the city where real estate prices are very low so you may be able to find a better apartment after few month of your stay over here. This will cause you to change your apartment after few months of your shifting so you have to make sure that you choose the right type of apartment once you settle in with your own furnishing and decoration. Furnished apartments in Spokane offer full furniture items as well as electronics to their residents so you can just take a bag of your clothes and settle in the apartment. All the other necessities of life will be provided to you by the apartment landlord like decoration items, washer, dryer, fridge, and TV as well as communication devices.

Non furnished apartments are better than the furnished apartments in the way of cost of rent as they are less costly than the furnished apartments. You do not have to settle in to expensive furniture and big electronic utilities if you cannot afford them. Big sized electronics will also increase your utility bills and everyone cannot pretend to like this thing all the time. This increase in expenses will also be due to the increase of rent amount because landlords providing furnishings to their tenants charge some extra amount of money to them.

Some people do not like to use the fridge and other kitchen electronics provided by landlord because they think it may be contaminated by germs. This is because you do not know the life style of people living in that apartment before you as they must have used these things. This is the biggest disadvantage of living in furnished apartments that they things you use may be contaminated with germs due to abusive use of previous tenants.

Women do not like to settle in an apartment in which they do not have liberty to choose the interior designing and type of furniture. Furnished apartments do not leave much choice to their tenants in interior designing because they already have all the necessary things to settle in the space provided. Although these apartments are convenient but they may not be a good example of clean and healthy life style because you will never know they life style of people using these furnishing items before.